Truck Scanner

Load Scanning

The volume load scanner system provides an in-motion volumetric load scanning solution that is highly accurate, fast, and simple to install and operate. If you’re seeking best-in-class truck load scanner technology, then look no further than the Load Scanner technology offered by the industry leader in large-scale weighing and payload management solutions.

As the best alternative to truck scales and cumbersome weighing systems, the volumetric load scanning capabilities of the Load Scanner seamlessly calculates volume metrics into weight metrics in matter of seconds. Get an idea of how the truck load scanner system can help advance your payload management processes to the next level by viewing the video below.

Optimize Operational Efficiency, Throughput, & Data Analysis

Developed as an affordable alternative to heavy-duty truck scales, the volumetric load scanner by Walz (or Volumetric Payload Scanner “VPS”) offers a cost-effective solution to calculate load volumes in an accurate and efficient manner.

With the complete truck load volume scanner by Walz, operators can view high definition 3D images of their truck loads. But that’s not all. The Walz Load Scanner system is integrated with Walz Scale’s proprietary software platform, Payload Pro Operating System. Compatible on virtually all types of computers and mobile devices, operators can leverage the tools and capabilities of Payload Pro to monitor, track, and manage load scan data.

Affordable Payload Management System

Load Scanner offers an affordable payload management solution compared to other systems, like portable truck scales and heavy-duty weighbridges. In many cases, installing a truck load scanner system can cost less than half the cost of fixed weighbridges, all while making the job site more organized, simplistic and efficient. Our truck load scanner systems require little maintenance compared to truck scale alternatives, minimizing costly recalibration and repair costs.

Accurate Load Scanning Calculations

In various operations where a load’s cubic volume is the target metric, the direct measurement produced by the Load Scanner delivers an accurate and reliable measurement that you can use. Unlike other forms of payload management and valuation, the system minimizes uncertainties and variables in compaction, load variation, and moisture content. In short order, the Load Scanner system provides accurate volume calculations, and eliminates old school methodologies like counting truck loads or simply guessing.

Optimized Efficiency & Throughput

The Load Scanner system can be installed on your site and operating the same day. Once in operation, calculations can be made in just seconds, and data can be accessed remotely in real-time using our advanced software solutions. Accessible from various types of computers and mobile devices, operators can manage processes and assess payload data through the intuitive PayloadPro platform. If optimizing and automated load management processes is the primary objective, then the Load Scanner is the ideal solution.

Flexible & Durable Load Volume Scanner

The Load Scanner is built to the highest standards among load volume scanner systems. It’s proven to endure years of use in mining, construction, and other rugged production operations. The Load Scanner can be installed in any adequate haul road, dedicated local scanning site, or access driving. Although the truck load volume scanner is hard-mounted, it can be re-installed as needed with many options available.

A Dependable & Reliable Load Volume Scanner

The Load Volume Scanner performs dependably and reliably in some of the most remote environments and extreme conditions. Depending on the extent of use, the scanner can go years without needing recalibration or scheduled servicing. The operation of the Load Volume Scanner remains consistent over time and is engineered to minimize operator error. As a result, the truck load volume scanner can endure some of the harshest conditions, such as high-volume mining sites, excavation operations, and more.