Rail Scanner

Volumetric Rail Car Load Scanning

The Rail Car Load Scanner from Loadscanner is a cost effective alternative to today’s traditional rail scales. It provides accurate railcar volume measurement and weight conversions using fast and advanced laser measurement of the rail cars, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being measured. This dynamic train load volume scanner is ideal for operations that cannot justify the costs associated with installing a traditional rail scale

Optimize Operational Efficiency, Throughput, & Data Analysis

Developed as an affordable alternative to heavy-duty truck scales, the volumetric load scanner by Walz (or Volumetric Payload Scanner “VPS”) offers a cost-effective solution to calculate load volumes in an accurate and efficient manner.

With the complete truck load volume scanner by Walz, operators can view high definition 3D images of their truck loads. But that’s not all. The Walz Load Scanner system is integrated with Walz Scale’s proprietary software platform, Payload Pro Operating System. Compatible on virtually all types of computers and mobile devices, operators can leverage the tools and capabilities of Payload Pro to monitor, track, and manage load scan data.

Dynamic Rail Scale System

The in motion rail scale system provided by load scanner requires very little infrastructure costs and can be installed and operational within a few hours. Rail cars are scanned dynamically without the need to stop or uncouple the cars, increasing throughput and reducing labor costs. Furthermore, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated when compared to other rail scales on the market.

Accurate Rail Car Load Measurement

The rail car load scanner has been railroad approved and has passed in field testing with an approved accuracy of +_1% or better. Each rail car is individually scanned and measured providing accurate load calculations all without the need to stop or uncouple the rail cars. The train load volume scanner has been approved to handle multiple types of rail cars and custom solutions are also available. This system is shipped via UPS or FedEx and can be utilized virtually anywhere where rail car measurement is required.

Rail Car Carry Back Monitoring

Carry-back within rail cars is a common issue for both operations receiving cars as well as those load rail cars. The rail car load scanner system can be utilized to monitor and alert operations of carry-back within the cars. This alert system can pay big dividends for operations that want to ensure that they are not contaminating loads.

Train Load Out Analytics

The Loadscanner rail scale system provides operations with detailed load analytics for both individual cars as well as the entire train unit. You can now easily manage your data locally or remotely on the cloud server. We put your loadout data in an easy to review format as well as provide the ability to interface directly with our platform through our API.

Individual Rail Car Tickets

Individual rail car load tickets are generated automatically for printing or emailing. Each rail car is independently measured and the results reported along with a 2D load image and optional HD camera image of the car. These additional load images can be a very valuable tool to record actual load conditions for use later. The 2D load images can also be used to help monitor loading conditions and provide real-time feedback to loading operators.