Load Scanner Applications Go Beyond Truck Bed Scanning

Load Scanner Applications Go Beyond Truck Bed Scanning

With the recent advancements in volumetric-based weighing and payload management systems, the load scanner is becoming more widely used across various industry applications beyond truck bed scanning. While the load scanner is most popular for scanning truck bed loads to determine the volume and weight of those loads, the same volumetric laser scanning technology is being used for other scanning applications, such as conveyors and stockpile analysis applications.

Some of the industries that derive values from the load scanner system include the biomass and mulch industries, the mining industry, public works, farming and agriculture, and so on. The biomass and mulch industries can benefit a lot from the Belt Scanner which proves to be very helpful for these industries.

This scanner utilizes the time-of-flight technology to measure (non-contact measurement) the volume flow on the conveyor belts. The Belt Scanner System works superior in that it is simple to use and has a user-friendly operation for biomass and mulch applications. The maintenance cost is very minimum and the development time is largely reduced. The scanner uses the combination of belt speed and the time-of-flight data in order to produce the desired volume signal irrespective of the property of the bulk material and the weather conditions.

Excessive belt wear is avoided by sensing imbalances in loading of the materials with the help of the integrated center of gravity calculator. The scanner system can work even under extreme operating conditions. The integrated heater system ensures secure operation under cold weather conditions. This makes the system the ideal load scanner for ag producers, enabling farmers to determine the volume and weight of crop yields during harvest.

Large mining operating sites rely on the load volume scanner for monitoring and analyzing the loads and productivity of their mining trucks. This helps these industries to decide upon improving their productivity. The mining operations utilize the volume load scanner technology to minimize their operating costs in the recent times.

TheĀ  volumetric load scanner along with mining scales and payload management software can help in the calculation of real time material density. This value can guide the mine about the shovel and the truck matching. The pit production monitoring at the mining facilities use the load scanner for the real-time production monitor without any disruptions.

Caterpillar is one of the leading companies in the market and they seek on the load scanner for their weight and payload management solutions. In fact, Caterpillar recently used the load volume scanner in combination with the portable scales to verify the vehicle loads and the load position. The advanced scanner system has helped in improving the operational efficiency and the data management.

Public works facilities use the scale for the improvement of salt stockpile inventory management. The volumetric load scanning technology which is newly developed proves helpful for public works operations. It has helped in providing real-time stockpile management along with the identification of individual load totals per truck.