5 Ways to Leverage Volumetric Load Scanning

5 Ways to Leverage Volumetric Load Scanning

The Load Scanner can be applied to many payload management systems. From stockpile analysis in agriculture and farming settings to weighing truck loads in mining and aggregate operations, there are a number of ways in which industry users are leveraging the power of volumetric load scanning. Below are five applications that have defined our load scanner technology as an industry game changer.

Bulk Material Load Scanning

The Load Scanner is a sound solution for the management of most flowable bulk materials. After implementing the proper inputs that define material density, the load scanner can accurately scan and measure a wide range of materials, including: salt, wood pulp, grains, waste, aggregate, sand, snow, recycled materials, mulch, biomass, storm debris, etc.

Stock Pile Management

One of the most commong application of the Load Scanner is stock pile management. The ability to manage stock pile inventories or material loads in real time can greatly increase your operational awareness and provide your operation with a valuable tool to reduce operating costs and increase profits. The truck load scanner system offers an incredible solution for stock pile management and optimizing operational efficiencies.

Mining Payload Management

Mining operations can advance many aspects of their payload management operations with the load scanner technology. Some of the most impactful solutions include:

  • Load volume and weight measurement
  • Load position and carry-back monitoring
  • Real-time material density
  • Shovel operator optimization
  • Production and fill-factor monitoring

Mulch, Organics & Biomass

Because these materials are typically sold and bought by volume, the Load Scanner is ideal for mulch and biomass load management. The load scanner provides operators and their customers with an accurate reliable means of doing business versus bucket load estimation. The load scanning technology has the ability to greatly increase your customer base and thus your bottom line.

Waste & Debris

The Load Scanner has been proven effective in managing waste loads. And when incorporated properly into landfills, the scanner can greatly free-up truck traffic onsite. Some of the additional benefits of using the load scanner for waste and debris include:

  • Management of contract debris dumping
  • Improved management of daily cover loads
  • Storm debris load management
  • Coal ash load management
  • Scanning of borrow pit loads