The load scanner is ideal for the management of most flowable bulk materials. By implementing the proper inputs, the bulk material volume scanner can scan and measure a wide range of materials, including: Aggregate, Sand, Salt, Grains, Earth, Snow, Recycled Materials, Waste, Mulch, Wood Pulp, Biomass, Storm Debris.

Bulk Material Volume Scanner
Stockpile Management


The ability to manage stockpile inventories or material loads in real time can greatly increase your operational awareness and provide your operation with a valuable tool to reduce operating costs and increase profits. The truck payload scanner system offers an incredible solution for stockpile management and optimizing operational efficiencies.


Mining operations can gain a great deal of knowledge from this new bulk material volume technology.

  • Load position management
  • Carry-back monitoring
  • Shovel operator optimization
  • Fill factor monitoring
  • Production monitoring
  • Truck body / shovel optimization
  • Real time material density at the face

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how the Load Scanner system can help optimize payload scanner management operations for mining companies. To learn more, watch the video now.


Mulch, Organics
& Biomass

The Load Scanner is ideal for mulch and Biomass load management as these materials are typically sold and bought by volume today.  This new tool will provide operators and your customers with an accurate reliable means of doing business vs bucket estimation.  This technology has the ability to greatly increase your customer base and thus your bottom line.

  • Real time accurate load volumes per truck
  • Generate load tickets per truck
  • Email or print load tickets
  • Payload scanner helps with improved invoicing
  • Improve stockpile inventory accuracies
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • 3D load images for material settling

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Improve harvest management without the need for an expensive weighbridge scale or portable truck scale system with the Load Scanner.

  • On-farm or in-field load scanning
  • Manage production per farm and field
  • Moisture meter input
  • Report production per farm


This new technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that public works operations manage material inventories and truck loads.

  • Improved salt stockpile management
  • Spreader calibration tool
  • Aggregate material load management
  • Storm debris tracking
  • Snow trucking management

Waste &

The Load Scanner has proven to be effective in managing waste loads and if incorporated properly into the landfill this tool can greatly free up truck traffic onsite.

  • Improved management of daily cover loads
  • Scanning of borrow pit loads
  • Management of contract debris dumping
  • Coal ash load management
  • Storm debris load management

Dredging &

Accurate material management for dredging and soil remediation projects is critical.  The Load Scanner provides a superior solution for these types of earth moving projects.

  • Accurate volume moved
  • Built in reporting & transparency
  • Elimination of errors due to material moisture weight
  • Portable load scanner operation

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Oil & Gas

The Load Scanner is ideal for the scanning and management of drill waste.  Improve your waste management reporting and meet environmental requirements more easily.

  • Improved drill waste tracking per truck
  • Manage drill waste per rig
  • Improved management on in-bound material loads

Construction &
Road Work

Accurate tracking and management of material movement on any dirt moving project is critical. The bulk material volume technology allows contractors to now more accurately and more cost effectively track and report on actual material excavation and movement.

  • Track material movement per load
  • Track total material movement
  • Improve load optimization
  • Reduce project costs
  • Portable load scanner operation

Milling &

Accurately track and manage millings and grindings right on the job site with a portable trailer mounted Load Scanner System.

  • Track millings per project
  • Track millings per truck
  • Improve bid outcomes
  • Reduce project costs
  • Portable load scanner operation