Load Scanning

The Load Scanner load volume measurement equipment utilizes laser sensor technology and advanced software to measure the exact volume of the material loaded into trucks, trains or belts. This revolutionary technology has been designed and field-proven to provide extreme accuracies in the world’s toughest of conditions.

Accurate Volume Measurement Systems

The Load Scanner systems have been field tested and proven to provide volume load measurements within +_1% of the load, down to the resolution of the system chosen. Some of our customers have even reported accuracies within +_0.1% in some applications. All of our volume measurement equipment is designed to operate dynamically or in-motion to deliver increased operational throughput and thus increased operational profitability.

Unlike traditional scale systems that require constant maintenance and calibrations the Loadscanner dynamic load scanning systems are virtually maintenance free and there is no need for quarterly or yearly calibration checks.

How the Load Scanner System Works

The Load Scanner Sensor is positioned above the ground, directly above your trucks, trains, or belts. The truck, train or belt then moves dynamically without stopping under the sensor head. The volume measurement equipment will then in real time report back the exact load volume that was scanned. This in-motion scanning process can be fully automated and provides accurate volumetric measurement of every load or conveyor run. The Provided sensor kit is simple to install and operate.

50+ Years of Continuous Customer Satisfaction

We have been supplying measurement solutions for our customers across all industries for over 50 years. With thousands of measurement systems deployed globally, we understand your business and we understand the importance of exceptional customer support.

Our background in weighing technology and our complete understanding of the inherent limitations of scale systems has allowed us to develop this new groundbreaking measurement technology. We have built our Load Scanner Technology with the collaboration of our customers across multiple industries to ensure that our solutions meet the demands of both the application and the environment they will be used in.

Money Back Guarantee

Load Scanner is fully committed to our customers satisfaction, so much so that we guarantee our systems will perform per the specifications or we will refund the monies paid for the hardware. We have operated this way for 50+ years and we will continue to always put our customers first.

Committed to Constant Development

We are committed to providing the very best technical solutions as well as the very best support. For this reason, the Load Scanner Systems are run on a subscription-based model. This ensures that all of our customers are utilizing the latest technology and most accurate solution available. Our technology is improving every day and we feel that all of our customers should have the most advanced solution when it is available.

Our subscription-based approach ensures that you get the latest version with the very best accuracies as soon as it’s available. This subscription-based approach also allows for you to utilize the newest add-on technologies as soon as they are available from the addition of HD camera recognition systems to mobile apps and web-based delivery ticket reconciliation technology.

The Very Best Service and Support

We have built our reputation on providing our customers with the very best support. With every Load Scanner System purchase, you receive free technical phone and login web based support. We also understand that your volume measurement system is extremely important to your operation, that is why we also provide free loaner equipment in the event that you have a service issue.

If you need a component we are here to get you back up and running as fast as possible. We will do whatever we can to ensure that your systems are running per specifications.